Creating value for our clients!

We provide you with the best possible solutions to your sourcing needs: 

We help you with your strategic buying process of components through nearsourcing from our partners and/or with assembly in our own companies mainly in Estonia.

The workforce are skilled and costeffective and the technology in the Baltic region and Central Europe are better than you can imagine. The language, culture and business climate are also important factors to take into account. This close distance from our production facilites to our clients and the following short lead times gives us the perfect ground for your sourcing needs. Below are examples of what we can offer you.

  • Design and manufacturing of moulding/stamping tools
  • Turnery products and cnc-machining
  • Stainless steel works and pipe bending
  • TIG, MIG welding
  • Sheet metal works, stamping/bending, powder painting and electropolishing
  • Plastic moulding, Rotational moulding
  • Stamping, bending and deepdrawing of metal
  • Mechanical and electronic assembly and packaging
  • Tampon printing and ultrasonic welding
  • MFC, MDF and wooden products

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